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That's a lot of Gatorade!
Hydration Depot Hits 1 Million Gallons Sold

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - (January 1, 2011) Hydration Depot , the largest exclusive online distributor of Gatorade and Sqwincher hydration products is pleased to announce our 1 million gallons sold milestone. An accomplishment in its own right, made even more noteworthy due to Hydration Depot's 3 years in business.

Hydration Depot provides Gatorade and Sqwincher hydration products to small and medium size businesses for resale. "Our customers are mainly first aid and safety distributors, and industrial distribution company's" says Melissa Schechter, President, Hydration Depot. "Our focus is both on price and service, and the last three years of consecutive double digit growth, shows us we have it right" Schechter continued.

Hydration Depot offers free shipping, marketing material, early buy programs among many other customer support programs, to work with our distributors, to increase Gatorade and Sqwincher sales. "Not only do we look to add market share from existing channels, but we are actively pursuing new distribution channels including retail, event management and jan san distributors.

The industrial hydration market is a growing market as more attention is paid to the Gatorade coined term "industrial athlete". With cut backs in crews and work demands increasing, savvy employers are keeping their staff well hydrated to keep morale and production up. "This opens up an opportunity for these additional distribution channels to increase sales by adding on the Gatorade line" says Schechter.

Sqwincher is a less known, but highly regarded electrolyte replacement product and is a favorite among government and large industrial accounts. It contains more electrolyes per serving than Gatorade and is available in a vast assortment of flavors, which can be viewed on

Early Buy Programs start January 1st, 2011 and ends March 31, 2011. "Additional discounts are available during this time, so we encourage all of our distributors to stock up and save" says Schechter.

About Hydration Depot
Established in 2007, Hydration Depot is the largest online Gatorade and Sqwincher industrial distributor. 1000's of customers worldwide turn to Hydration Depot for the largest selection of Gatorade and Sqwincher products, flavors, sizes, coolers, cups and equipment available anywhere.