Benefits Of Using A Heat Wave Hydration Bundle For Your Crew

Posted in Cooling Equipment, Health, Hydration at Work, Lifestyle on July 27, 2023
Author: Sofia Chifari

As project safety managers, one of your top priorities is the well-being of your crew, especially during the scorching heat of a summer heat wave. Dealing with heat-related risks in construction sites and industrial projects is a serious concern, and ensuring your team stays hydrated is crucial for their safety and productivity. To address this challenge, we are excited to introduce our new XL Team Bundle to keep your crew cool, refreshed, and hydrated during the heatwave.

The Complete Solution for Hydration

Our Heat Wave Hydration Bundle is thoughtfully curated to meet the unique needs of industrial work crews facing extreme heat conditions. It offers a comprehensive and all-in-one solution, allowing you to efficiently and conveniently hydrate your entire crew. The convenient XL Team Bundle includes the following essential products:

Gatorade Squeeze Bottles

The bundle includes 48 32 oz Gatorade Squeeze Bottles, ensuring that each member of your crew has their own easily accessible and reusable hydration container. The squeeze bottles make it convenient for workers to take quick sips without disrupting their tasks, promoting consistent hydration throughout the workday. These bottles have been endlessly proven to be the most convenient way of rehydrating professionals as they are the official gatorade bottle used in the NFL.

Gatorade Carriers

To keep the Gatorade Squeeze Bottles organized and accessible, the bundle includes eight convenient Gatorade bottle carriers, the orange 6-pack carriers that professional teams use. These carriers are durable and designed to withstand the demands of rugged work environments while conveniently storing your bottles and allowing for easy transport.

Chill-it Bandanas

48 Chill-it Bandanas are also included in the bundle, offering an effective way to keep your crew cool. Activate them by soaking them in cold water for 2-5 minutes to wear around the neck or head, providing a refreshing sensation to fight the heat wave. Polymer cooling technology quickly activates for up to 4 hours of relief from the heat. They are lightweight and are perfect for no-bulk wear under hard hats.

Gatorade Powder Sticks

The bundle features 10 cases of Gatorade Powder Sticks, providing a practical and easy-to-store hydration solution that is perfect for individual servings on the go. Just add water and mix to enjoy the great taste of Gatorade, replenishing electrolytes and fluids lost during strenuous work.

Gatorade Zero Sugar Powder Sticks

For a zero-sugar option, the bundle includes 5 cases of G Zero, Gatorade’s Zero-Sugar Powder Sticks. It's the same great hydration formula without added sugars. Some members of your crew might have pre-existing health conditions that prevent them from consuming too much sugar. This will provide that option for them so that everyone has a personalized hydration plan.

Additional Customization Options

In addition to the core products, our XL Team Bundle offers several additional options to cater to your specific requirements:

  • 6 Gallon Powder: (1 case) - To supplement the powder sticks and offer a specific-location hydration station for your crew.
  • Igloo Cooler - A customizable, reliable, and durable cooler to keep your water or sports drink cool and accessible throughout the day.
  • 7oz Cups - For easy distribution of Gatorade or water to your crew.
  • Custom Logo Setup and Print - Add your company's logo to the Igloo cooler for a personalized touch, brand awareness, and theft deterrence.

Time and Money Efficiency

By choosing our Heat Wave Hydration Bundle, you are saving valuable time and effort. The bundle comes with everything your crew needs for hydration, eliminating the need to source individual items from multiple suppliers. It is a cost-effective solution that saves money and ensures your crew has premium-quality hydration products from a trusted brand.

Ensuring Safety and Productivity

With the XL Team Bundle, you can focus on what matters most - the safety and productivity of your crew. Proper hydration prevents heat-related illness, improving attentiveness, and maintaining peak performance. Equipping your team with the right tools and hydration solutions demonstrates your commitment to their well-being and creates a safer work environment. Don't wait for the heat wave to take its next victim - invest in our Heat Wave Hydration Bundle and keep your crew safe, refreshed, and hydrated all summer. Now, if the XL team bundle contains too many hydration products, we have the Small Team Bundle that covers all the major needs as the XL does but is perfect for a smaller team of up to twelve people. So, no matter the size of the team, Hydration Depot has a hydrating solution for you. Act fast and make sure your team is properly equipped to fight the Heat Wave and stay safe this extremely hot Summer.

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