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Gatorade VS Sqwincher

Gatorade VS Sqwincher

The main difference between Gatorade and Sqwincher is a taste preference. A few significant differences to note are that some Sqwincher products have no sugar and carb free options and Gatorade does not. Gatorade has introduced its G2 product this year that has 1/2 the sugar, but it is still not carb or sugar free.

Sqwincher does have the advantage in the variety and types of packages and the way that you can consume your electrolytes, including Sqwincher Fast Packs ( Fast Packs easy portioned containers that you add water to for a single serving then throw away).Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops ( old fashioned Ice Pops, like when you were a kid), Sqwincher Steady Shot Sqwincher ( like a 5 hour Energy). Qwik Stiks, in 8-10 oz and 20 oz portions and a much larger selection of flavors.

Sqwincher flavors include: Sqwincher Mixed Berry, Sqwincher Cherry, Sqwincher Grape, Sqwincher Lemon Lime, Sqwincher Fruit Punch, Sqwincher Grape, Sqwincher Cool Citrus, Sqwincher Tropical Cooler, Sqwincher Lemonade, Sqwincher Peach Tea and Sqwincher Tea.

Gatorade however, has a tremendous amount of history and science to back up its formulas and has not been willing to alter those formulas, as to not to dilute the effectiveness of the original product. Gatorade is of course more widely known and there are many very loyal Gatorade fans.

Gatorade comes in a variety of flavors, including Gatorade Glacier Freeze, Gatorade Lemon Lime, Gatorade Riptide Rush,Gatorade Fruit Punch and Gatorade Fierce Grape. They have also introduced Gatorade G2 ( Gatorade low calorie) in G2 Glacier Freeze,G2 Grape and G2 Fruit Punch. Gatorade also has a great line of dispensing equipment, including Gatorade Ice Barrels,1 Gallon Coolers, 3 Gallon Coolers. 5 Gallon Coolers, 7 Gallon Coolers, 10 Gallon Coolers, Gatorade Cooler Carts, Gatorade Ice Chests, Gatorade Squeeze bottles, in both 32 oz and 20 oz sizes, Gatorade Squeeze bottle carriers Gatorade Spoons, replacement spigots and much more.

Both Gatorade and Sqwincher offer powders, liquid concentrates, wide mouth bottles and sticks.

Gatorade also has aluminum cans for vending, which is a very eco friendly and popular option as compared to plastic bottles.

Below you will find a side by side comparison of ingredients of both Sqwincher and Gatorade, but the real comparison should be your own personal taste, that's the best way to compare.

Sqwincher vs Gatorade