Workforce Hydration Program

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Gatorade Sqwincher Sword & Shield

Stress-free way to hydrate your workforce


We take the Stress Away
With convenient monthly or one-time delivery and easy budget tracking across locations, whether 1 or 1,000, we can streamline your process.
Safe & Happy Employees
Relax knowing your employees have electrolyte replacement options from leading brands that they love to drink. Avoid heat-related illness and time off the job.
Free Shipping
We have relationships with all the major carriers to ensure your products are shipped free and on time.
Program Description
Say goodbye to the hassle of restocking and managing your hydration products. With Hydration Depot’s Workforce Hydration program, we deliver the world’s leading industrial hydration brands including Gatorade, Sqwincher, Sword and Shield to each of your locations on a monthly basis, saving your team time and effort. Choose from flexible plans tailored to your company’s size and preferences and then focus on what matters while we take care of your hydration needs. Our easy to navigate platform and team of hydration experts are here to keep your team happy, hydrated and on the job.
Why Hydrate?
If your employees are spending more than 2 hours per day in a hot environment, then the National Institute for Safety and Health recommends that workers be supplied with electrolyte replacement drinks that contain balanced electrolytes to replace those lost in sweating. The average worker loses approx. 1 liter of sweat per hour. Symptoms of heat related issues include dizziness, brain fog, muscular fatigue, cramps, decrease in endurance and heat stroke.
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