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15 Pack Chill-Its Evaporative PVA Cooling Towel

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15 Towel Bundle
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  • Product Details
    15 Pack Chill-Its Evaporative PVA Cooling Towel - 6602-VAR

    The Chill-Its 6602 PVA Evaporative Cooling Towel features advanced PVA cooling technology for relief in extreme hear. When wet, this towel remains lightweight and comfortable for bulk-free wear around the neck or head.

    Heat-related illness continuously ranks among the top causes of worksite accidents and fatalities. Evaporative cooling technologies such as PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) are simple, effective, and comfortable solutions for heat stress prevention. When activated this cooling towel is comfortable and refreshing even on the hottest days of the year.

    How To Activate:

    Run the PVA cooling towel under water for one minute or until saturated, wring out excess water and wave to activate airflow. Drape towel around neck or head for 3 hours of cooling relief. The PVA material will dry still like a sponge - simply rewet until soft to reactivate. Machine wash, hang dry, and conveniently store in the included plastic container when not in use.

    This evaporative towel is the perfect cooling headwear for anyone working in the heat and exposed to possible heat-related illnesses like heat cramps, heat strokes, or heat exhaustion are possible. Great for workers in construction, carpentry, mining, landscaping, OR for outdoor activities like camping, yoga, baseball, softball, soccer, running, biking, days at the beach or on a boat, golf, yard work, fishing, gardening, hiking, riding motorcycles and more.


    • Instant cooling relief – Run under water for one minute or until saturated, wring out excess water for drip free cooling
    • Long lasting – Can last for up to 4 hours on a single soak. Simply re-wet to increase cooling duration
    • Reusable and machine washable – Air dry until material is stiff, re-wet until soft. Machine washable with mild detergent, air dry only
    • Heat stress prevention – Reduces the effects of heat exhaustion and fights fatigue while working or playing in the heat. Can also be used to help bring down fevers, hot flashes or night sweats
    • Sizing – 13in x 29.5in / 33cm x 75cm

  • Specifications
    Brand: Ergodyne
    Type Cooling Towel
    Packaging 15 Towel Bundle
    UPC 913687296775
    Color Blue, Orange, Grey, Hi-Viz Lime, Pink
    Material PVA (polyvinyl alcohol)
    Size 13" x 29.5"
    Weight: 1.00 lbs
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