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Hydration Depot Premium Electrolyte Bundle

Hydration Depot Premium Electrolyte Bundle
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Exclusive Bundle includes 1300 individual servings In a variety of:
  • Gatorade Powder - 1.23oz
  • Gatorade Zero Powder - 0.11oz
  • Sqwincher Zero Powder - 0.11oz
  • MyHy Big Freezie Electrolyte Ice Pops - 2 fl.oz
Hydration Depot Special Bulk Pricing: $0.55 per Serving.
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  • Product Details
    Hydration Depot Premium Electrolyte Bundle - HD-2014PB

    Introducing the exclusive Premium Electrolyte Bundle, available only at Hydration Depot. With a staggering 1,300 servings, this bundle has something for everyone. Experience the ultimate hydration package featuring our best-selling products, including Gatorade, Gatorade Zero, Sqwincher Zero, and MyHy Big Freezie Electrolyte Freezer Pops.

    Prepare to quench your thirst with:

    • (240) Gatorade Single Serve Sticks
    • (240) Gatorade Zero Single Serve Sticks
    • (500) Sqwincher Zero Qwik Sticks
    • (320) MyHy Big Freezie Electrolyte Ice Pops
    • Free Shipping

    *Flavor variety may vary during peak months


    Gatorade hydration sports drink is a trusted and renowned beverage that has been scientifically formulated to replenish fluids and electrolytes lost during physical activity. With its unique blend of carbohydrates and essential minerals, Gatorade helps to hydrate and fuel the body, promoting optimal performance and recovery. Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply someone looking to stay hydrated during exercise, Gatorade provides a refreshing and effective solution to meet your hydration needs.

    Gatorade Zero:

    Gatorade Zero: the ultimate rapid rehydration solution trusted by professionals in the field. Enjoy the same proven hydration and fueling benefits of Gatorade Thirst Quencher without any added sugar.


    Sqwinchers hydration drink is a leading choice for individuals seeking a reliable and effective way to replenish fluids and electrolytes. With its scientifically formulated blend of electrolytes, Sqwincher helps combat dehydration and supports optimal performance during physical activities. Whether you're working in a high heat stress environment, engaging in intense workouts, or simply needing to stay hydrated throughout the day, Sqwincher offers a refreshing and flavorful solution to keep you at your best.

    MyHy Big Freezie Electrolyte Ice Pops:

    MyHy hydration drink is a premium beverage designed to provide optimal hydration and replenishment. With its carefully crafted formula, MyHy offers a perfect balance of electrolytes and essential minerals to support peak performance and overall well-being. Whether you're an athlete pushing your limits or an individual seeking a refreshing way to stay hydrated, MyHy delivers a delicious and effective solution to keep you properly hydrated throughout your day.

    Plus, enjoy the convenience of free shipping with your purchase. At Hydration Depot, we understand the importance of staying hydrated, and our Premium Electrolyte Bundle ensures you have the Hydration Heavy Hitters at your fingertips. Simply choose any single serve powder stick of your liking and add to 16.9-20 oz of water or grab a refreshing Big Freezie from the freezer, and you and your entire crew will be covered.

    Prioritize keeping the team hydrated with bulk hydration where you need it, when you need it. Ordering in wholesale is the perfect rehydration method for teams or work staff at a wide range of occasions, including events, marathons, industrial use, or wherever hydration is crucial. Choose the world's leading instant powder for hydration needs and fuel the body with the ultimate electrolyte-replenishment bundle.

    With our commitment to providing top-quality hydration products, trust Hydration Depot to keep you fueled and refreshed. Don't miss out on this unbeatable bundle offer. Order now and experience the power of comprehensive hydration delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Specifications
    Brand: Hydration Depot
    Type Electrolyte Powder and Pops Bundle
    Flavor(s) Variety
    Case Dimensions 20x20x20
    Weight: 79.00 lbs
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