We are open & shipping orders to serve our customers - Monday 09/21/2020


Thanks to you and the others I have talked to who have been so gracious to change this order for me. I have been so impressed with the personal care that I have received from your company. It is almost impossible to find a company with such amazing service and especially a company where you can talk to a real live person.

Many thanks. The youth group who will bring using this product will be very grateful that you changed the order for me. I doubt they would have appreciated the low calorie drink.

Julie, Woodland Hills CA

Thank you. I think it is great that you help us with the troops! And my son loves it, too. I have posted your website to Facebook so you should get some more orders!


Great Service, thanks for all your help getting the Gatorade direct to our event site. You guys are fantastic!

Sandy S

We organize events all over the country and having Hydration Depot ship to each and every location, on time and 100% correct is a dream come true, I wish more companies could offer that high level of service!

David K

Thank you for supporting our troops, they really appreciate the Gatorade.

Bill G

Fast, Fast, Fast shipping..... that is so hard to find. We ordered our Sqwincher yesterday and we received it today, you are amazing!

Allie J

Gatorade referred us to you guys and I now know why, your knowledgeable, super nice staff and great service are exceptional... keep up the great work

Mel H

I ordered some Gatorade sticks for my training for the LA marathon and accidentally ordered G1 instead of G2. It was 2 cases, which means I would have had to drink a TON of the stuff I didn't want. I spoke with Alisha at Armchem and told her that I had ordered the wrong stuff. Even though I had opened the container and used one of the sticks, they let me send the unused portion (2 cases minus 1 stick) back and replaced it with the G2 sticks I had originally wanted. Now THAT is great customer service!
Thanks Hydration depot!

John in Los Angeles

Please thank your supervisor for me as well, and thanks for taking care of your customers. Customer service is not easy to find, so THANKS for being special