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Gatorade 20 oz Wide Mouth Bottle - Select Your Flavors - 108 cases

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Note: you must order at least 108 cases
Lemon Lime (32868)
Orange (32867)
Fruit Punch (32866)
Cool Blue (32481)
Glacier Freeze (32486)
Fierce Grape (32482)
Riptide Rush (32488)
Fierce Blue Cherry (10412)
Glacier Cherry (10247)
G2 Glacier Freeze (20006)
G2 Fruit Punch (20405)
G2 Grape (20406)
Zero Glacier Freeze (04354)
Zero Glacier Cherry (04214)
Zero Lemon-Lime (04212)
Zero Orange (04318)
Zero Fruit Punch (04426)
Variety (Lemon-Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch) (20781)
Total Quantity: 0
Price per Case: $40.77
Total Price: 0
  • Product Details
    Gatorade 20 oz Wide Mouth Bottle - Select Your Flavors - 108 cases - 20Bottles-FS

    Order your Gatorade 20 oz bottle hydration by the pallets, 108 cases and get Free Shipping. Perfect for large events, crews, marathons and more. Bulk hydration where you need it when you need it.

    Gatorade wide-mouth bottles are used by athletes around the world to help them re-hydrate and perform at their best while recharging and refueling their metabolism.

    This is the original Gatorade formula in multiple flavors with the unique thirst quenching blend of fluid, electrolytes and carbohydrates to keep you going strong during exercise and competition.

    Each case contains 24 wide mouth bottles of 20 oz Gatorade original formula in thirst quenching, to help maintain adequate thirst for hydration, speeding the necessary fluids back into the body and keeping muscles working throughout exercise.

    Just open a 20 oz bottle of liquid Gatorade, and you'll rapidly deliver fluid and energy into the body.

    This is the most tested sports drink on the planet.

  • Specifications
    Brand: Gatorade
    Type Ready to Drink
    Packaging 24 cases of 20 oz bottles
    Yield/Case 3.75 gallons
    Case Dimensions 12" W x 7.88" H x 17.63" D
    # Per Pallet 54 cases
    Weight: 35.40 lbs
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