GloWear 8330Z Two Tone Hi-Vis Safety Vest - Type R Class 3, Zipper

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  • ANSI 107 Type R Class 3
  • Two-Tone for High Visibility
  • Dual Sizes
  • One Interior Pocket With A Single Mic Tab
  • Zipper Closure For Easy On/Off
  • Machine Washable
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  • Product Details
    GloWear 8330Z Two Tone Hi-Vis Safety Vest - Type R Class 3, Zipper - 8330Z-VAR

    The GloWear 8320Z Standard Hi-Vis Safety Vest features ANSI-compliant polyester mesh with 2" reflective material. This Class 3 vest has a zipper closure for easy on/off as well as 1 interior and 2 exterior pockets and a single mic tab.


    • ANSI 107 Type R Class 3
    • Dual sizes
    • One interior pocket with a single Mic Tab
    • Zipper closure for easy on/off
    • Machine washable

    GloWear 8320Z Standard Hi-Vis Safety Vest, is of utmost importance in various work environments and outdoor settings; Used in road construction, emergency response, and flagging crew. This ANSI-compliant vest is designed to enhance visibility and promote safety for workers in high-risk situations. The use of high-visibility safety vests is essential for safeguarding personnel and preventing accidents, particularly in low-light conditions or areas with heavy traffic.

    One of the key features of the GloWear 8320Z is its polyester mesh material, which ensures breathability and comfort during prolonged use. The vest's 2" reflective material significantly increases visibility, making workers easily noticeable to drivers, machinery operators, and fellow colleagues. By opting for a Class 3 vest, individuals can ensure that they adhere to the highest level of safety standards, as recommended by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

    The zipper closure of the safety vest allows for quick and hassle-free donning and doffing, saving valuable time and promoting convenience. Additionally, the presence of one interior and two exterior pockets provides workers with convenient storage solutions for essential tools or equipment, ensuring they have easy access to necessary items while on the job.

    The GloWear 8320Z features a single microphone tab, facilitating clear communication between team members in noisy environments. Effective communication is crucial for the coordination of tasks, enabling a smooth workflow and reducing the risk of accidents due to misunderstandings or lack of information.

    . Investing in high-quality safety vests demonstrates a commitment to workplace safety, fostering a culture of responsibility and attentiveness to potential hazards. As a result, accidents can be minimized, and the overall efficiency and productivity of the workforce can be greatly improved.

  • Specifications
    Brand: Ergodyne
    Type Safety Vest
    Packaging Each
    Color Hi-Vis Lime with Contrasting Hi-Vis Orange
    Material Mesh, Polyester
    Size Varies
    Weight: 1.00 lbs
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